Our Work

Road to 100 Million Climate Soldiers in Africa

A multi-pronged initiative aimed at advancing climate literacy on the continent, understanding how Africans engage with climate change, shaping African policy and amplifying African thought leadership in the global discourse on climate change. We are taking climate equity programming on the continent to the next level and designing climate education programs and global media campaigns that will speak directly to Africans, particularly young people, and those in the diaspora community.

The Climate Change Photo Essay Prize

The Climate Change Photo Essay Prize is the inaugural initiative of the ‘Road to 100 Million Climate Soldiers in Africa’, and marks the beginning of a series of campaigns within the project. It calls upon 18 – 30yr olds from Africa and the global diaspora community to document the environmental changes happening before their very eyes. For the first edition of the Prize, entrants were asked to submit a photo essay addressing the theme, ‘Climate Change & Your Community’.

The works of our 2023 finalists are on a global tour – which began in Nairobi, Kenya, during Africa Climate Week, at the beginning of September. Since then, these award-winning works have been exhibited at The Africa Center in New York during the UN General Assembly, and The Africa Centre during Frieze Week in London. They are scheduled to be shown in Lagos during Art Week in November, and they will also be featured at COP28 in Dubai this December.

The Remarkable African Women’s Leadership Conference

Organized and led by African women, the RAW Conference presents a novel perspective on gender discourse that resonates not only within Africa, but across the global community. The RAW Conference was created with the clear vision of advancing the visibility and perspectives of African women in global discourse. It brings together prominent public and private sector organizations, as well as trailblazing individuals from various fields such as business, finance, law, media, technology, sports, art, entertainment, academia, philanthropy, and politics, both from within and outside the continent.

The conference’s inaugural edition which took place in May 2023 in Kigali, Rwanda received significant praise from guests and speakers alike. The inaugural edition of the conference, held in May 2023, garnered significant acclaim. Michaella Rugwizangoga, Chief Tourism Officer of the Rwanda Development Board, commended the high-quality conversations that took place, describing them as “unmatched.” Amb. Amina Mohamed, a former Minister for Sports, Education, and Foreign Affairs in Kenya, hailed the RAW Conference as “a very safe space for women.” Dr. Ozonnia Ojielo, the Resident Coordinator and Representative of the UN Secretary-General to Rwanda, emphasized its significance, calling it “necessary,” and praised its programming as “ground-breaking” and “cutting edge.”

For organizations, the RAW Conference serves as an opportunity to advance the cause of African women and be an integral part of a transformative movement that shapes the future of gender discourse globally.

Gender Equity Commitment Toolkit

This all-in-one toolkit focuses on promoting gender equality in African workplaces, emphasizing a perspective that’s firmly grounded in the African context, while adhering to global best practices. Our toolkit offers an enduring framework for accountability for institutions and organisations striving to uphold their commitment towards equal opportunities and equity in the African workplace. Our toolkit is set apart by features including:

  • A framework that acknowledges the unique cultural and societal nuances within which organizations on the continent operate.
  • Our focus does not end at local considerations; we align your efforts with the global standards of gender equality, offering you a comprehensive approach that is effective both regionally and internationally.
  • The Gender Equity Commitment Toolkit goes beyond short-term solutions. It establishes a solid foundation for your organization’s journey towards equal opportunities and equity, fostering long-term, sustainable growth.

Advancing Gender Equity in Africa: Navigating Challenges, Engendering Change – A White Paper

The white paper introduces the inaugural findings from our expansive research initiative, “Private Sector Influence in Defining and Constructing Gender Policy”. Written with a specific focus on senior executives, this report delves into how the private sector could exert a more substantial influence in shaping social dynamics, particularly in achieving greater gender balance within workplaces and, ultimately, in our communities.

Scheduled to the be launched in November 2023, the report showcases African perspectives as we celebrate Claudia Goldin’s Nobel Prize for her groundbreaking work in advancing our understanding of women’s labour market outcomes. For a sneak preview, kindly explore the executive summary available here. To request the full report, please email: michael@africanwomenonboard.org

Project 1000 CVs

Project 1000 CVs is dedicated to addressing the underrepresentation of women in executive positions across industries in Africa. The program has the following objectives:

  • Offering advisory services to organizations in search of qualified women to serve as board members and C-level executives. We leverage our extensive network and professional community to facilitate these connections.
  • Matching female professionals with mentors and sponsors to help them advance their careers.

Additionally, the initiative provides women with resources to develop a strong personal brand and online presence. This includes support in crafting a cohesive digital narrative across professional profiles, websites, and social media.

The overarching aim is to ensure that highly talented female leaders not only possess the necessary skills and qualifications but also gain the visibility and recognition they rightfully deserve. In doing so, our goal is to ensure that these women are readily acknowledged and considered by decision-makers, ultimately reshaping the landscape of executive leadership in Africa.